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Six Pack Care User Manual

Six Pack Care User Manual:

Well hope you have studied about six pack care machine but you didn’t know how to use it. Don’t worry we are here to provide you a six pack care user manual with the help of which you will be able to make yourself slim and smart.
So let’s start and see how use six pack care user manual. First of all let’s have a look at the first part of six pack care user manual that is about Safety Instructions for using six pack care machine.Buy The Original Six Pack Care Exercise Machine Best six pack care In Pakistan At Home shopping how to use six pack care.For maximum results read these instructions before using the machine. Consider the following tips and precaution before fitting and using the machine.

six pack care in pakistan
six pack care in pakistan

1. First of all consult a physician before starting this exercise program. If at any time during exercise you feel experience any pain, stop the exercise and consult your physician.
2. Machine is made up of small parts so keep it away from children and other irrelevant person at all times. As the machine made up of small parts so it can cause severe damage.
3. It is not usable for person who have a weight more than 100kg.So if you are more than 100kg then it is not usable for you.
4. Disabled persons should only use the machine in the presence of another person who will help him to use the machine six pack care tutorial.
5. During exercise days if feel sickness or other abnormal symptoms, you must stop training and consult a doctor immediately. six pack care in Pakistan Otherwise it can cause a big trouble for you.
Now lets see the second part of six pack care user manual that is about how to use the machine six pack care exercise.
1, six pack care multi exercise Insert the tube into the hole of back frame Fit together main frame (Part 1) and back frame (Part 2) by screw and tighten it using the tool (Part) six pack care review.
2, Rotate and pull up knob of leg support frame (Part 12), open the adjustable length frame, then fix the knob. Insert the adjustable length frame, into main frame (Part 1) and choose, a adjustable length level for yourself, then fix.
3. six pack care machine price Insert back EVA support (Part 5) into back frame (Part 2). Fix the back EVA support (Part 5) with plastic part (Part 6) and (Part 7)
4, Insert leg EVA support (Part 4) into leg support frame (Part 12).six pack care installation  Insert the handle (Part 8) into the foam of leg support frame (Part 12)
5.Insert head massager (Part 13) into back frame (Part2).deemark ab core six pack care
6, Six Pack Care User Manual Assemble the springs. There are 3 different strength levels for your choose. Insert the bolt (Part 10). There are 3 different position for you to choose from six pack pack care in Pakistan .

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